Understand more about training outside the training center

In addition to the training in gyms, the Krav Maga South American Federation holds several seminars and events, both for the military and civilian worlds.

When training security agents, whether military, police or private security, the techniques and simulations are directed to each troop. An elite army troop can not be trained in the same way as a police unit or a shopping center security team. There are goals, armaments, equipment, aggression, missions and environments of action totally different from each other, and so must be treated. Therefore, according to Krav Maga’s perspective, each security unit receives training with techniques and simulations directed to its operational needs.

In the civilian world, the Krav Maga South American Federation conducts belt exams, seminars, trainings and events in general, whether regional, national or international. From a simple workout on the beach to trips to Israel; from belt exams to instructor training and refresher courses; seminars; events; speeches. Everything is accomplished with much love and seriousness by the South American Federation of Krav Maga.

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