The Personal Defense of Israeli Army

Is there a way to defend yourself from someone stronger? What about a knife, a firearm, a rifle? What if there are many attackers? How to face a risk to your life, when the attack is incredibly disproportionate, that's what Krav Maga is all about. Street violence is very different from sports fighting in the ring.

Krav Maga is the only technique recognized worldwide as self-defense, rather than a martial art. The objective is to teach anyone, regardless of age, sex or physical training, how to defend themselves.

We bring answers to any kind of aggression, both armed or disarmed; standing, sitting or lying down; from the front, back or sideways; against 1, 2 or more offenders. Anything can happen out on the street, and when it concerns survival, there can be no “impossible”. For this reason, there are no rules, referees or competitions in Krav Maga. Our medal is our physical and mental integrity, and our competition is internal, always seeking the best of ourselves.


Krav Maga's techniques are simple, fast and objective. They are based on natural movements of the human body, improving our innate response. Thus, in the moment of truth, when we should act under tension and fear, it becomes easier to perform the techniques, since it becomes something very close to a spontaneous reaction.

Most movements are very short, because longer movements become slower and easier to detect. In addition to that, we target sensitive and vital points of the aggressor’s body, such as eyes, nose, throat, genitals, etc. That way, we eliminate the need of physical strength and can match the “weak” with the “strong”, and the “small” with the “big”.

The technique is based on physics, mathematics and human anatomy. We use explosion force and weight transfer to increase striking power. We hit targets with small areas of our body for greater penetration ability. We reach points of the human body with high concentration of nerves. Levers; locks; deflections - all are scientifically proven and explained in each lesson.



Everything starts with a warm-up, preparing the body for what comes ahead. Afterwords, the instructor teaches the technique, explaining its details and science behind movements. Then, it's the student's turn to train, based on real life situations - where attacks are simulated and students execute learnt defenses against them. 

In each lesson, the instructor teaches a new technique, and the student gradually learns to defend himself against many kinds of assaults, such as chokes, grasps, punches, kicks, knife attacks and/or with other objects, including firearms.


Krav Maga training, in addition to teaching techniques, develops students' self-confidence and courage. And that goes far beyond from the reaction on the street. It is true that, little by little, the fear that many have of simply walking down the streets is eliminated. 

Moreover, fear is cast aside in every aspect of life, whether it is fear of the schoolmate, fear of of the boss or fear of a stranger. And that's one of the biggest benefits of Krav Maga: trusting and believing more in yourself and your own self.



In the process of learning Krav Maga, we use a color belt system and in each graduation there are different exercises, with progressive levels of difficulty. 

Security force courses, on the other hand, do not follow this system, having their own modular division, specific for each unit type and need.