Who we are and what we do

Today, with great pride, we can say that the South American Federation of Krav Maga is one of the biggest Krav Maga organizations in the world. Our duty and major goal, besides legitimizing Krav Maga practice, is to safeguard the technical and philosophical purity of the art as it was created. In other words, we seek to maintain the integrity and fidelity of Imi’s work – the creator of the Krav Maga, without letting it get lost or distorted over time. This is our main mission.

Generally, a brand (such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple) is a quality assurance in all products, wherever it may be. That’s why we often choose a product of a better brand, even without testing or trying it, because we see the importance in the product and we believe in the brand.

And with Krav Maga, that’s no different. The Krav Maga South American Federation is the only entity authorized to spread, train instructors and teach Krav Maga. In essence, it is the guarantee that the student has of the quality of the classes, the instructor and the fidelity of the techniques to the work of Imi. After all, teaching self-defense is dealing with risks of life and death; the responsibility is very great.

With this goal, the federation, through the Grand Master Kobi – a direct student of Imi, personally supervises each one of his instructors, training them and carrying out mandatory compulsory recycling drills; provides training material appropriate to the teaching of techniques; provides all necessary support to the instructor and student; holds regional, national and international events; discloses and develops the art with the burden of responsibility that requires the work with self-defense, resulting in the elevation of practitioners to the status of such identity and commitment, which entails all as a family.

The Krav Maga South American Federation is always available to all practitioners, their families and friends, open to questions and suggestions.

The Krav Maga South American Federation is the only entity authorized to spread, train instructors and teach Krav Maga in the country, and licensed to use the trademark “Krav Maga”. Krav Maga is a trademark of INPI, and  the use of it without a license is a federal crime.


Here are some aspects that make us who we are:

History and Tradition: We have been teaching Krav Maga in Latin America for 28 years, with great success. There are hundreds of instructors training thousands of students, with the same concern, affection, professionalism and quality of the first days;

Now a days, we are considered the largest organization of Krav Maga in the world, in terms of students and structure;

Quality control: We constantly supervise students and instructors, demanding the level of quality expected;

Quality standard: Same technique, didactics, care and philosophy. The class that the student receives is the same in all our academies;

Periodic refresher of instructors: once a month we perform a refresher training for instructors only, ensuring that he/she is more and more skilled;

Equipment: We constantly test and bring new specialized equipment to our classes. The latest news was the training head;

Structure: Behind the scenes, we organize, spread, supervise and work so that everything comes out in the most perfect way. Most of the work is transparent to students, and even to instructors, but that's what makes the difference in the end.

In other words, this is the way to ensure our students that they are receiving a hight quality service, includind well trained instructors, training material and the correct technique and teaching method, in all our training centers.